Michael K. Williams Returns To Brooklyn For 1800 Tequila Ad

1800® Tequila recently announced it’s new “Enough Said” campaign created by The VIA Agency entitled “Enough Said Episodes”,  starring brand ambassadors Ray Liotta and Michael K. Williams as they reflect on personal stories of struggle, toughness and triumph on their journey to success. Through separate narratives, each man expands on the values inherent to the 1800® drinker – namely, what it means to be effortlessly masculine, unique and impossibly cool.
In the first edition of the video series, 1800® follows spokesman and esteemed wiseguy Ray Liotta (of The Sopranos) on a journey through New York City as he discusses his ceaseless pursuit of quality, as both an actor and an 1800® drinker, sharing gritty anecdotes of his rise in the industry. Following Ray is Michael K. Williams, famous for his tough “Omar”character on the critically acclaimed HBO series “The Wire”. In his video, Williams reflects and riffs on the ice-cool machismo he learned growing up in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The video features music from rapper Jay Electronica. Watch it below.

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