Ferg brings healthy living to Harlem with Health fair



Harlem native, A$AP Ferg hosted the first annual health fair for the neighborhood children on Sunday in the polo grounds. An investment in the future, Ferg wants to provide a forum for children, who he said, he will one day rely upon when they inherit the world. The daylong festivities were concluding with an Intimate performance by the the A$AP member, accompanied by Young Hot and Malick Spence. The single, “Beautiful People”  featuring Spence, off his much anticipated second album was debut at the fair as well. Attendees ranged in age, consisting of youth 8-16, and adults from the  neighborhood and Ferg’s family and friends. `

Continuing in the tradition of his grandmother, who had a health fair at MInisink, Ferg created the fair as an attempt to promote physical and mental health, and  increase awareness about personal health, after the his father died of kidney failure the event feature a fair with tables from local health companies City MD, Healthplus , restaurants like Summers Brooklyn,  and instructional basketball drills,boxing lesson, and DJ instruction from Scratch DJ Academy.
Ferg is the latest in a line of Harlem rappers like Cam’ron, Jim Jones and Mase, who remain involved in the community after their success.  Ferg said he embraces his status as role model for the community, and remembers the impact seeing other rappers return to the neighborhood had on him as youth. The event hit close to home as the rapper recalled coming the Polo Grounds when he was younger to visit family members and attend parties.   To increase the children’s engagement with the the fair, and while also inspiring them, Ferg sat down edge of the stage for half an hour and answered questions the from the crowd.

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